Demystifying Atheism

This will be no ordinary skeptical diatribe.  The message I mean to convey does not rely on criticizing the flaws of religion.  The value of a perspective untethered from divinity can be well attested on its own merits, without any need to denigrate alternative views (of which I’ve done plenty elsewhere).  It is crucial to begin by explaining what Atheism is and is not, as I encounter a great deal of confusion on this point.

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Enrichment Through Movement

A prominent trend exists in the fitness industry for its ambassadors to present themselves with such consistent and overwhelming positivity as to border on insincerity. While I will never criticize someone for attempting to be an uplifting figure in the lives of her clients/fans/followers, it is important to understand that such a disposition doesn’t come quite so naturally for all of us. I’m compelled to write this following a discussion with a close friend about struggles with depression, self-esteem, loneliness and other such malignant mentalities which manifest as blemishes on the human condition, and how movement can be a valuable tool to emancipate oneself from their grasp.

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